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Natural Remedies For Back Pain In Jacksonville

Chiropractic Care

Seeing a qualified chiropractor is a smart choice if you suffer from any chronic pain, such as back pain. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that chiropractic care is often even better than drugs for treating muscle and skeletal pain.

Stretch Exercises

Participants who took stretching classes of 52 minutes (which emphasized stretching of the torso and legs) were able to relieve their back pain as much as those who took yoga classes.  However, the way of stretching is important. Static stretching can cause irritation and injury. 

Strength Training

A routine of strength training helps strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, which is essential to relieve pain and prevent injuries.

Osteopathic therapy

Osteopathic therapy, which may involve back joints into place, massaging the soft tissues and muscles relax stressed, reduced chronic lower back pain in a study of 455 people. Participants received eight weeks of osteopathic therapy. 63 percent of those who received osteopathic physiotherapy reported moderate improvement in pain, while half said they had improved substantially. There are some medical spas in Jacksonville, Florida that provide this kind of therapy.


Meditation is a powerful way to relieve pain. Of the volunteers who had never meditated before, those who attended four classes of 20 minutes to learn the meditation technique called focused (a form of concentrated meditation) attention, experienced significant pain relief, 40 percent reduction in intensity pain and 57% reduction of discomfort causing pain.


Yoga, which is particularly useful for increasing flexibility and works the abdominal muscles, has proved beneficial results for those who suffers from back pain. Those with lower back pain who took a yoga class a week more than those who received medicine or physical therapy.


Massage releases endorphins that help induce relaxation and relief pain. Massage therapy for ten weeks offered patients more relief from back pain than ordinary care, according to a study, and the results lasted at least six months. There are a lot of spas in Jacksonville, Florida that you can receive a healing massage for your back pain. Doing this regularly has good results especially for your back pain.


Acupuncture may be useful but, it requires a little more time to achieve results. In an analysis published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, 11 researchers concluded that acupuncture has a definite effect in reducing chronic pain and back pain and headaches, even more than conventional treatments for pain.

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